Adam Glasser aka Seymore Butts

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Adam Glasser was born in Bronx, NY and moved to Los Angeles, CA with his family in his early childhood. After graduating from Santa Monica High School, Adam began running a gym and working as a personal trainer. The gym was hit by difficult financial times and Adam decided to rent out the space for Hollywood film shoots in order to make some extra money to pay the bills. Then one day an adult film producer offered to rent out the gym to shoot a movie. Upon watching what was involved with the production of an adult film, Adam knew he was definitely in the wrong business.

The Birth of Seymore Butts…
In 1991, shortly after he witnessed the making of an adult film, Adam borrowed a camera and directed his first adult film. After editing it himself, Adam took it to an adult film convention in Las Vegas and found a distributor who wanted Adam to produce and direct films. In order to create an alter ego for himself, Adam chose a name that was not only easy to remember, but reminded him of a playground joke he heard in grade school. In 1992, Seymore Butts was born.

The Show...
Porn entrepreneur Seymore Butts is now the star of the late-night show on Showtime's new reality series "Family Business". FAMILY BUSINESS is a new late night reality series from SHOWTIME about an average guy trying to make a living in the Adult Film industry. A hilarious blend of real-life absurd situations and eccentric characters, FAMILY BUSINESS focuses on the charismatic Adam Glasser and his alter ego, "Seymore Butts," who has created over 70 popular adult films.






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